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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Penggangur Story

Lately I just received too many question that sounds like this.      "Hye dude what are you doing? Working?".

And what do you expect from someone like me.
"Yes, I'm working" (this is totally not me).
Well, I got so many concrete reasons why I don't work which is I dun think I want to share with you guys. Sometimes, something should be keep as a secret.

"Tak boring ke duduk rumah je".
And well sometimes perasaan boring tu just came out when everybody was away from home but only for a few sec. After that, dapat tengok citer kartun then it will fine.
What I do at home? Oh well, I just found out that there are so much thing that I can do. Facebooking, twittering, instragram, cooking and oh well the best part sleeping.

I really enjoying myself to read english newspaper. It really help me to enhance my english skill. Well know I'm trying to improve my communication skill.
Apart from that I really enjoy watching drama and movie from many genre. 

Oh, ini bukan cerita lucah mahupun apa, cerita ni tak tau apa tajuk dia but ada bridget jones. best. watch it on diva universal.

Now switch our theme. Ala-ala pengantin pulak bila tengok cerita Cinderella ni. Love story betul la..

Oggy and cockroaches seems to be nice. 


amranaiman said...

we are what we read :)

afzalsukasuki said...

aku pon cakap inggeris pe..


aku cakap time kena buat presentation je.oh oggy si lipas tu, citer dia buat aku sakit hati :D

Hanny Abdullah said...

salam..don't speak2 english to me haa..me no english ok,mamahanny malay ok..ngeeee:)

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