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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My New Nike

Finally, I managed to get my new NIKE shoes two days before I'm flying to Korea. Last aku beli sport shoes adalah 3 tahun yang lepas (you guys can klik here to see on my previous post about my old shoes) dan kali ni I tried to buy the casual one which is the one that I can use to go to class, pergi shopping, pergi library and so on. I just bought this shoes at Al-Ikhsan. Reasons that I like to go to Al-Ikhsan because senang nak cari parking. Untuk driver yang tidak pro bagi aku ni tempat parking adalah begitu penting especially part nak reverse nanti.And here it goes my dream shoes.
Biru bak hang! Biru dan NIKE are perfect combination and of course I love it. I cos about RM219 and if I'm not mistaken this is the new edition. Tu pun kalau aku tak silap la.

p/s: there are too many ideas to write on the new entry but once I started to type I forgot everything =) Take care to my dear readers. Stay tuned for more entry.
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