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Saturday, December 31, 2016

End of 2016

Today is 31 december meaning that the last day of 2016. Not going to be excited as next year going to be more tougher for me.

Turned to 22. Going to face all those lecturers for final year project. Have to submit my final year project. Have to do viva. Graduate then maybe struggle searching for job and love. *Sigh so bad I couldn't find one in university or maybe he'll wait until the last semester or is he going to plan to surprise me during my convocation. *Dream big nya perempuan ni >.<

Selama 2016 nie nothing much happens. Just the same old routine which is quiet boring but I might missed this moment T_T.  So here what I have done in 2016:

January: Worked as my mum maid. It was really awesome as I am able to spend most of my time with mum and learned some new recipe from her. *Its a hint to tell you guys that I am good at cooking.

Febuary: Bound to Hong Kong and China. Of course the highlight would be is Hong Kong Disneyland. So sad that I don't have so much photos of myself. *Sejenis manusia yang malu nak selfie depan orang ramai. So bad that I couldn't take photos with Mickey Mouse but atleast I got a chance to take with Donald Duck and Daisy.

Then the other months berlalu with the same old routine. Wake up, go to class, hang out with my friends.

April: Jeng jeng jeng got a specil birthday celebration that made by my Jemahians....So proud and bless to have them as my friends. *First time orang buat prank untuk aku ==" jadi sebab tu macam kuno sikit.

2016 Raya first time beraya with two kiddos (anak buah den) seriously havoc rumah with tangisan depa (dok gaduh main sama-sama). 

So this will be my 2016 conclusion. Actually I need other entry to talk about travelling (travel around Sabah that might useful to those yang nak bercuti di Sabah)

Happy New Year!
Welcome Onboard 2017!

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Amir Din said...

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